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Title: Johnny Gill My, My, My
Uploaded on: 23 June 2009
Duration: 05:01
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So good
My, My, My
Put on your red dress
And slip on your high heels
And some of that sweet perfume
It sure smells good on you
Slide on your lipstick
Let your hair down
Cause Baby when you get through
Im going to show you
Tonight will be a special night
No matter where we go
And Im so proud to be with you
I wanna let you know

You got my saying
My, My, My
My, My, My
You sure look good tonight
And your so damn fine
I gotta say
After all this time
Slip on your nightgown
Step into our bedroom
First I wanna take sometime
I just wanna look at you
Girl you are so fine
I cant believe youre mine
And all I wanna do
I wanna make love to you
Tonight will be a special night
A minute more to come
And Im so proud to be with you
So proud to share youre love
I wanna love you in everyway
I wanna love you in everyway
Let me
Let me
Show you how sweet its gonna be
I wanna show you things that you
Never, ever, ever seen before
Put your nightgown on
Let your hair hang low
Step into our room
Im in the mood to love you all night long

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