Artist Name: Yussef Black

03 Apr 2009, 05:20 11299 30268

Yussef Black The artist known as Yussef Black is not only a rapper but he is also a producer. Influenced by his mother, who use to be a radio DJ, he pursued his love for music around 1988-89.It wouldn't be until 1995, while attending a party at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ that would lead to his original demo being recorded which consisted of six songs which only 3 have survived.The politics and climate of the industry at the time was not ready for Yussef. Times have changed so now Yussef Black is here to bring his sound to the underground and perhaps the mainstream! With a couple of strong singles, "Hello", "Baby's Fire", and "Bar None" ft. Salome gaining worldwide attention. - Bio page from Reverbnation

Yussef Black (b. Ryan Groves) is originally from Greenville, MS. He currently resides in San Antonio, TX. Yussef has a unique style all of his own...."off-on beat monotone flow". A fellow San Antonian rapper referred to him as Pharcyde meets Ol' Dirty Bastard because he can twist flows with a laid back tongue. This was after hearing "Eveready", a demo from 1996 recently. Currently, Yussef is holding his own with rotation on college, underground, and internet radio with his latest singles, "Air I Breathe" and "Baby Boy feat. Bre". Yussef also recently performed on Kevin Says Stage during the Warped Tour.

Yussef has also produced as well as been featured on tracks with iranian female rapper Salome. Also is featured on a track from Polish rap group Korzystam (Kryzchoo) and well as "The Caper (Stack Mad Chips)" produced by a hot new underground producer Jae Yoon (,

Yussef Black's "Conflicted" is sure to cause a stir in the game with more than a few controversary tracks such as "Suicidal Ballad", "Still Waters", "Band of Brothers" (ft. Krzychoo), "Yussef et Maryam" (ft. Salome), and "Don't Hate" featuring rapper Les Charles aka Nerve Rakh.

Fresh off the Van's Warped Tour and with a debut album "Conflicted" set to drop in August 2009, Yussef Black is here to make his mark on the industry.

"Too many people are worried about song structure and how things are traditionally. I am anti-tradition and I do not conform. You don't like it then don't listen and don't buy it....but I do have you listening and it caught your ear enough to comment. Don't worry about me, I'mma keep doing my thang regardless. Someone recently told me, that when you start getting critics and haters, that's when you know you are doing something keep at it. Besides critics don't buy album and just their name is that to criticize" - quote from Yussef Black, taken from twitter quote and myspace blog

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