Artist Name: Vordul Mega

21 Feb 2006, 20:00 18597 193872

Vordul Mega Vordul Mega (a.k.a. Vordul Megilah) is half of underground hip-hop duo Cannibal Ox and is a member of the hip-hop group Atoms Family. His solo debut The Revolution of Yung Havoks was released in 2004. Vordul's new album 'Megagraphitti' was released by Backwoodz Studios in 2008.

Cannibal Ox counterpart, Vast Aire, released Look Mom... No Hands earlier in 2004. Vast appears with Vordul on a track titled "Handle That" on The Revolution of Yung Havoks, and the two have not stopped collaborating after The Cold Vein.

Vordul Mega can also be heard on The Reavers 2005 album Terror Firma, along with Dom Pacino, Akir, Kong, Spiega, Karniege, Hasan Salaam and Keith Masters.
He also collaborated with Billy Woods on his solo album Camouflage from 2002.

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