Artist Name: This Century

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This Century This Century is a pop/rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.

Members Joel Kanitz (Vocals)
Sean Silverman (Guitar)
Ryan Gose (Drums)

Past Members: Alex Silverman

Forming back in 2007, This Century have quickly become one of the more exciting pop/rock bands to enter the scene. With their first LP release on Action Theory/Warner Bros. entitled “Sound Of Fire”, the band solidified their spot amongst the top tier of the pop/rock circuit. Soon after the release, AP Magazine named the them as one of the “100 Bands You Need To Know for 2011”. Their unique combination of anthemic pop and die hard grassroots fan base has led them to extensive tour dates with the likes of Good Charlotte, The Maine, The Ready Set, Breathe Carolina, Hey Monday and many others.

The band has recently teamed up with producer Colby Wedgeworth (The Maine) to work on music for their upcoming second LP that is yet to be released. ”We’re always trying to push the limits of what a pop band can be and we feel that we strive to top ourselves each time around.” says guitarist Sean Silverman about the upcoming release. The band is gearing up for a busy year that kick-starts with their brand new single. The song is an upbeat tour de force of pop that frontman Joel Kanitz calls ”the perfect summer anthem with a larger than life sound.”

This Century has most recently seen a large rise in popularity in Southeast Asia, where their songs “Sound of Fire” and “Everywhere, Everything” have both reached #1 on top 40 radio formats and continue to receive consistent radio attention. Plans for 2012 will include a run of international dates in support of their recent success. “We really feel like we’re developing something special internationally, something completely organic and new.” says bassist Alex Silverman, “There’s an excitement surrounding it that makes you eager to find out where our amazing fans are going to take the band next.”

2007 EP
Look What We Made EP
No Way Out Digital Sampler
To Love and Back EP
Hopeful Romantic Sampler
Sound of Fire single
Sound of Fire
Kiss Me Like It's Christmas (acoustic) single
Acoustics EP
Bleach Blonde single
Someone For Everyone (ft. Austin Gibbs) single
Skeletons single
Slow Dance Night single
Biography of Heartbreak

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