Artist Name: Kai Holmes

28 Jun 2006, 09:37 8965 28425


KAI HOLMES, The Ambassador, acknowledged as the musically urbane vocal sensation of the current day, finds his roots in the hard-hitting and notable Roxbury streets of Boston, MA. Proven to be the answer for starving music enthusiasts, Kai shifts the perimeters and perspectives of traditional and commercial sounds by infusing art, life, and passion across the landscape of producers Kadis and Seans loose and eclectic soundtracks.

Melodic in texture and coined among industry professionals as the New Motown of Information Age Music, the 22 year-old singer/songwriter is that rare jewel, who presents to his audience a refreshing taste of talent, extracted from the earth of old souls.

Teamed with hot producers Kadis & Sean of Roz-Well Music Corp., Kai is managed by talent manager Sean Collins of War of Art Media Group, and seems destined for stardom. KAIs energy fuels Collins, whose artist/production management resume boasts collaborations with notable artists such as G-Unit. Collins says that Traditionally I barter producers through this competitive music industry, but when I heard KAI HOLMES over Kadis & Sean beats, I paused. KAI is a universal truth.

KAI HOLMES emergence into the music field of Information Age Rhythm and Blues defies the typical journey of most artists. His determination to succeed did not stem from an environment plagued with musical symbols or from supporters of common genre. Instead, his emergence came from the need to escape the cipher of the system. Kai says Although Im a singer, my past snapshots most rap artists who hail from turbulent streets. He further elaborates, A few blows during my transition from boy to man almost set me back a lifetime. However, faith in a higher power, myself and the music I could put forth allowed me to persevere past my problems.

The change of atmosphere has gained KAI HOLMES studded recognition. His vocal emotion has created a Rolodex of worldwide fans. Chart topping hits in Europe such as the explosion of his first single Crazy Girl, which stems from a real life battle with an off and on relationship, aids his preparation to tackle the United States. You go through a series of crazy experiences only to mature and realize that our consideration of the end may be a welcome mat to the beginning. That beginning is the Genesis of KAI HOLMES, the artist, the musician.

Fearless and free, the soul survivor who embraces the classic works of mega-legends Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and 90s soul stars Mint Condition, believes that depth and honesty parallel success. I tap into the angles that penetrate the heart and minds of my fans. The storyline, my pitch, my tone, my melodies, are results of peoples day to day experiences. I speak to the people. I am an Ambassador.

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